Are your products all natural?

We currently have two collections – the Natural Collection and the Fragrance Collection. The Natural Collection products are 100% natural, formulated with high quality oils and scented with natural essential oils. The Fragrance Collection products are about 95% natural, and also consist of the same high quality natural oils but are scented with fragrance oils to allow for more unique scents.


Can I use your products if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! Our products are formulated with ingredients that should be gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. However, it is recommended that you test the products first on a small area (e.g. washing your hands with our soap bars before using on your body).


What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and we do not use any synthetic preservatives. As a result, our soap bars are best used within one year of purchase. The scents may fade over time so are best used within one year.  To preserve the longevity of your soap bar, please store soap bars in a dry place (preferably in a draining soap dish) away from direct sunlight, heat and water when not in use.

Our bath products are best used within six months of purchase. The scents may fade over time and fizzing reaction may not be as strong after six months.

Our skin and lip balms are best used within one year of purchase.


How much are shipping costs? Where do you currently ship? When should I expect my order to arrive?

We are currently charging a $6.50 flat rate shipping fee, regardless of order size (so order more to save on shipping costs!). Shipping within the United States only. Once you have completed your purchase online, we will ship your order within six business days and send you an email notification. If you need your order shipped sooner, please include a note with your purchase and we will try our best to accommodate your request.


Do you collect sales tax on purchases?

We collect sales tax on purchases shipped within California only.


Do you offer returns/refunds for online purchases?

Due to the nature of our product, we do not offer returns of online purchases. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, please contact us at info [at] yuzusoap.com.