Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Products

Are your products all natural?

Our products are 95% to 100% natural. Our 100% natural products are either unscented or scented with essential oils, whereas our 95% natural products are scented with essential oils and/or phthalate, skin-safe fragrance oils.

Our products are all free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

While our products are 95% to 100% natural, they are not organic at this time.

Ingredients are listed in each of our product listings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about specific products/scents.

Are your products vegan?

Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of these products, which are NOT vegan at this time:

  • Skin & Lip Balms (contains beeswax)
  • Skin Balms (contains beeswax)

Can I use your products if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! Our products are formulated with ingredients that should be gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. However, it is recommended that you test the products first on a small area (e.g. patch test).

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products do not have expiration dates, but we recommend customers to use our products within the shelf lives below. Our products are mostly natural, and our plant-based oil ingredients can lose their efficacy over time.

  • Personal Care (leave-on products including balms, body butters, lotions, massage & body oils): Shelf life of approximately 1 year
  • CBD Body Collection: Shelf life of approximately 1 year
  • Soap Bars: Shelf life of at least 2 years
  • Shower Tablets & Bath Products: Shelf life of 1 year. While these products do not expire or go bad (as they do not contain any water in the formulation), the scents can fade over time and we recommend using them sooner rather than later for stronger scents.
  • ELEVATE Home Fragrance Collection (Candles & Room Sprays): Shelf life of at least 2 years

To preserve the efficacy of the products, we recommend storing all products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight, heat and water to extend their longevity. Improper storage of our products can lead to rancidity and texture changes.

Where are your products made?

The majority of our products are handcrafted in small batches from our warehouse in Northern California. Our products are individually filled, packaged and boxed with detailed care and attention. 🙂 We take great pride in selecting premium ingredients to ensure we deliver quality products.

What type of ingredients do you use?

Our products are handcrafted using primarily high quality, plant-based ingredients. Our formulation recipes of plant-based oils and butters are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These include ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, green tea seed oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils and/or phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Our products are paraben, sulfate and phthalate-free.

What is yuzu? Do your products all contain yuzu?

Yuzu is a Japanese Citrus fruit that is commonly described as a cross between a lemon, orange and/or grapefruit.

Our Skin & Lip Balms and Skin Balms contain natural yuzu oil, which is known to have anti-aging and antioxidant properties in skincare.

We also use phthalate-free Japanese Yuzu fragrance in an assortment of our products, including our Shower Tablets, Body Butters, Lotions, Balms and more. Our signature Japanese Yuzu fragrance is aromatic with sweet accents and bold citrus freshness. We have seen that the Japanese Yuzu fragrance has broad appeal across all genders.


Where do you currently ship? When should I expect my order to arrive?

We currently ship to the United States only. We ship from our warehouse in Fremont, California (US). Once you have completed your purchase online, we will ship your order within 1-5 business days and send you an email notification with tracking details. If you need your order shipped sooner, please email us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Do you collect sales tax on purchases?

We collect sales tax on purchases shipped within California only.


Do you offer returns/refunds for online purchases?

If you are not satisfied with your products, please email us within 30 days of receiving your order. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs to return the item(s). Upon receiving the product, we will issue a refund.

When sending your return, please ship the package either through an insured courier (UPS or FedEx) or with delivery confirmation through USPS. Please make note of your tracking number in case the package gets lost in transit. We cannot guarantee a credit or replacement for your return without confirmation of delivery to us.

If the product is proven to be defective, we will send you a replacement item and cover all associated shipping costs. Please provide detailed information and/or photos as appropriate.

No returns or exchanges allowed after 30 days.


Do you offer product samples?

Yes! All online orders $10+ are eligible to receive a free sample. You must select your free sample at checkout to receive it with your order. Free sample selections are subject to change over time.

We also offer an assortment of product samples available for purchase here.

Subscription Products

How do subscriptions work?

Enjoy a 10% discount on select products when you sign up for a subscription.

  • Frequency: Select a subscription frequency that makes sense for you. Options include: every month, every 2 months, every 3 months, every 4 months and every 5 months.
  • Shipping Cost (US only): Subscriptions include a flat rate shipping charge of $4.95 if the subscription is under $45. Subscription orders $45+ qualify for free shipping. A subscription order can include a single subscription product, or multiple products.

When you subscribe to a product, the first order will be created for ASAP ship upon order submission. Thereafter, the subscription product will ship on the future renewal dates.

Example: You subscribe to a product on November 1st and select the subscription frequency of 2 months. The product will ship shortly after Nov 1st, then again on Jan 1st, Mar 1st, May 1st, and so on (until the subscription is cancelled). 

Subscription orders will ship out within 1-2 business days of the selected renewal date. Please note that exceptions will apply during holidays, and may take longer than 1-2 business days to account for our warehouse holiday closures.

If a free product sample is selected when you place your subscription order, the free product sample is only included in the 1st shipment (and not future subscription shipments).

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Why can't I subscribe to a product?

Subscriptions are currently available on select products only, which include many items within our CBD Body Collection and Lips, Hands & Body Collection. 

Please email us if you would like to subscribe to a product that currently does not offer a subscription feature at this time. Based on demand, we may enable subscriptions on additional products in the future. We appreciate your feedback!

Will my subscription price ever change?

The percentage (%) discount will remain the same, once you subscribe to a product.

Prices may be subject to change over time. Email notifications will be sent in advance of any price changes.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Can I combine multiple subscription products into the same shipment?

Yes! If you have an existing subscription with us, when you subscribe to a 2nd product, there should be a checkbox option to combine the 2nd product into your existing subscription.

Subscription orders qualify for free shipping on $45+. You can combine multiple products into the same subscription to help you reach the free shipping threshold.

Example: adding a new $15 subscription product to an existing $30 subscription product will qualify you for free shipping on $45+.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, subscription products can be cancelled at any time.

Each subscription renewal payment will be processed 1-2 business days before the subscription product ships. You will need to cancel your subscription prior to the product shipping.

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Yes! Please email us at info [at] and we’d be happy to help you change the frequency. 

Subscription frequency options currently include: every month, every 2 months, every 3 months, every 4 months and every 5 months.


Why am I charged shipping on my subscription order?

Subscription orders currently have the following shipping charges (US only). The order total is calculated prior to adding any sales tax.


  • Orders $45+ qualify for free shipping
  • Orders under $45 have a flat rate shipping charge of $4.95


If your subscription order is $45+ and you are still getting charged a shipping fee, please reach out to us at info [at]

Can I use a coupon code on my subscription order?

Yes, you can use coupon codes on your initial subscription order. The coupon code will only apply to the initial order. We are unable to apply coupon codes to future subscription renewals at this time.

Rewards Program

What are YUZU points? How do I earn them?

YUZU points are a way for us to reward our loyal customers! Earn YUZU points with every purchase and redeem for rewards. Points are earned based on the purchase price of the order (this excludes sales tax and shipping costs).

Creating a customer account with us will automatically enroll you into our Rewards Program.

How to earn YUZU points

How do I redeem my YUZU points?

Every 100 YUZU points can be redeemed for $5 off your purchase.

To redeem, log in to your account. Go to My Account > YUZU Points & Rewards > My Rewards.

Redeemed rewards (e.g. $5 coupon) expire 30 days from the conversion date.

Do subscription orders qualify for YUZU points?

Yes, you will earn YUZU points on every subscription order.

Do YUZU points expire?

YUZU points will expire 365 days from the date that you earned the points. You can check your points balance and any expiring points by going to My Account > YUZU Points & Rewards.

Redeemed rewards (e.g. $5 coupon) expire 30 days from the conversion date.

Can I earn YUZU points on in-store product purchases?

Yes! If you purchased our Yuzu Soap branded product(s) at any of our retailer partner locations, email us a copy of your receipt to info [at] and we can manually add YUZU points for you.

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