Shower Tablets

  • Shower Tablets

    Our shower tablets are all natural and scented with essential oils. Indulge in an in-shower aromatherapy experience. To use, place one tablet on the shower floor or bathtub edge in one of the two corners closest to the water stream (but not directly in the water stream). Drizzle water onto the tablet to activate. As the tablet fizzes, the essential oils will be released into the shower. For best use and to help prolong the scent, it is highly recommended to place the tablet in a small dish (so the water doesn't drain immediately after activating the tablet). Please refer to our Shower Tablet Ceramic Dish listing. Each set contains 9 tablets (1.1 oz each). Available scents include Lavender Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon Tea Tree, Orange Mint, Rosemary Lime and Bergamot Lime. Also available in two variety sets: VERDANT (Lavender Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Orange Mint) and CITRON (Rosemary Lime, Bergamot Lime, Lemon Tea Tree). BONUS: Our shower tablets are perfectly safe to use in the bath as well for aromatherapy. The main difference compared to our Bath Bomb Cube Collection is that the shower tablets don't contain moisturizing coconut oil (otherwise would make the shower floor slippery).
  • Square Ceramic Dish

    This white square ceramic dish is recommended to use with our Shower Tablets to help prolong the essential oil scents (so the water doesn't drain away immediately). This dish is a perfect fit for a single shower tablet. Dimensions: 2 5/8'' x 2 5/8'' Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Can be re-used for other purposes.